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What's The Buzz All About?

Pension Bridge Conferences have been a hot topic in the industry. The high level of education combined with a favorable ratio of pension fund /consultant to investment manager has many talking. Our events help make connections and develop relationships.  See what some attendees had to say:

"Congrats on hosting a very successful event. I can assure you that many of the attendees I interacted with felt the same way. That is a compliment indeed as that feeling is not shared when it comes to many other conferences. "
"I thought the conference was really well organized and the content was excellent. I’ve had a lot of experience will these types of events and yours is very high quality. I did catch quite a few of the presentations and I thought the topics were very relevant to the current investment environment."
"The panel sessions were excellent and we appreciated the opportunity to moderate. The attendee list was very strong and I look forward to attending again."
"I really enjoyed the conference. The quality of the speakers and presenters could not have been better. This is certainly one of the best conferences that I have attended in terms of variety and depth of coverage."
"I think the conference was very good, interesting and timely subjects, and very good attendance with good plan sponsor representation."
"It was an honor for me to be part of such a first class program.  Once again thank you for including me."
"The quality of the attendees and the presentations was exceptional. And the attention to detail by the on sight staff was second to none.  This conference will definitely be on my agenda for next year!"
“I thought the conference was one of the best I have ever attended: pertinent information, high level of specificity, strong participation, great location and great hosts!  Thank-you again”
"This was a well done conference. Among the best we have attended in several years."
"The conference is a high standard one - both the speakers and the audience are professional and sophisticated. I enjoyed it a lot."
"Just want to thank you again for inviting me to participate at this week's conference. I really appreciate the opportunity and enjoyed myself immensely. The interaction with my panel and other attendees was excellent - you put on a very nice event. I was most impressed with your lineup of speakers, as well as the overall group of attendees."
“I enjoyed the conference.  I particularly like the format where you cover lots of topics with excellent presenters.  A lot of information is packed into a productive 2-day conference.  If my schedule allows, I would welcome the opportunity of attending in the future.”
"As a trustee of a public employees Pension system, I find Pension Bridge Conferences extremely helpful in bringing together money managers, trustees, and fund administrators from all over the country and offering timely and topical pension information. I recommend trustees attend a Pension Bridge Conference."
"The content of Pension Bridge could not be any better.  Great presentations and discussions."
“Outstanding conference – on target with topics.…on target with subject matter.….I look forward to your next conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks again for the opportunity and for what you do.”
“The conference was well organized, had a great mix of people, and the sessions were highly informative.  I will certainly tell my colleagues on the Board to consider attending this in the future.  Thanks for all of the hard work and your passion for your job is obvious.”
"In my opinion, your event was one of the best I've ever attended and I'm thrilled that I could make it"
"My thanks to you for the opportunity to attend the conference.  As a first time attendee I was impressed with the agenda and found that the mix of attendees provided a great balance to the meeting.”
“The conference was superb in every way. The participants brought in a lot of good timely information and the opportunity to network was very good. You guys deliver! I hope to be invited next year or at some other point in the future.”
“Thank you for putting forth a fantastic conference.  The topics and speakers were great.  I took a lot of notes and I've come back more prepared to talk with our investment staff about alternative investment strategies.  The accommodations, meals and events were top-notch.  As a first time attendee to the Pension Bridge I was impressed and plan to attend again next year.”
“Congratulations on a fantastic event.  It was great to be a part of.  You did a tremendous job—all of the participants I spoke with felt that the conference was very high quality and worthwhile.”
“The conference was great.  You covered the high points for all today’s pertinent investment topics.  It was jam-packed with information.”
“Thank you for another fabulous conference. You guys are doing a phenomenal job. We look forward to our continued participation in such a high quality event.”
"Congratulations on another GREAT conference!!!  I mentioned at the Board meeting today that I had attended the Pension Bridge Annual investment symposium and that it is one of the finest such events I participate in annually.  The discussion topics, the preparation of the speakers and panelists in your program are always exceptional.  Keep up the good work and thank you again for your consideration in including me in your select invitation list.”
"I cannot tell you how very impressed I was with Pension Bridge. I will absolutely make every effort to attend next year... Our Board Chair was correct to speak so highly"
“We always look forward to Pension Bridge, and you always deliver!  As to content, I thought it was excellent on an overall basis.”
“A great event…educational, great content.  I always learn a lot from the speakers and the audience.”
"I enjoyed the conference. I reported back to our board and encouraged more of them to try to attend"
“Thank you.  I enjoyed participating and appreciate my inclusion.  You have really developed an outstanding conference that has a lot of credibility in the industry.”
“Thank you so much for inviting me.  I would be happy to attend in the future.  You have done a great job with this conference.  It's grown so much over the years.”
"I thought the conference was great and it is one of many pension conferences that I am invited to but one of the few that I actually attend and look forward to on the calendar"
"Pension Bridge always puts on a great conference. They provide a high level of education that is understandable to trustees. I would highly recommend your conferences to any trustee or manager. I really appreciate the way you treat attendees, you do a fantastic job of making us feel welcome."
“I’m always happy to participate in your conference.  I heard very positive and supportive remarks from several of your attendees so you must be doing it right.  Keep it up!”
"Thanks again for putting together another great conference. We were impressed again with the gathering of high-quality LPs, consultants and managers and certainly appreciate the “manager cap” you put in place to make it an enjoyable experience and not a “marketer war”. This is a big reason we continue to support the Pension Bridge."
"You guys have done an outstanding job in developing this venue and making sure that the issues are timely, relevant, and messaged appropriately. We speak at and attend many conferences in the institutional investment industry and none are better developed and promoted than yours.  Thanks for the opportunity to partner with you."

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